Port Alfred wins Royals golf rumble again

ROYAL Port Alfred Golf Club (RPAGC) won the 28th annual Royals Golf Tournament, beating five other Royal clubs over a three-day tournament with 125 points.

WE DID IT AGAIN: Victorious again are the players of Royal Port Alfred Golf Club who won last weekend’s 2017 Royals Golf Tournament, repeating their performance from last year Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Altogether 75 players made it to Port Alfred and took part in one of the most significant tournaments of the golf calendar each year.

The players enjoyed good weather and played good golf. Overall the fun and camaraderie between players of different clubs is what makes the tournament special, RPAGC captain Paul Griffiths said.

Players belonging to Royal Cape, Royal Johannesburg, Royal Durban, Royal Harare and a new addition, Royal St Andrews and Ancients arrived at RPAGC early Friday morning for a hot breakfast followed by the traditional flag raising ceremony.

Golf knows no age limit and this year the tournament’s oldest player, Mike Reinders, 83, from Royal St Andrews and Ancients showed that he could keep up with the youngsters.

Ken Aitken from Royal Cape acted as prize giving convenor and welcomed all to the final evening of the tournament.

“We are grateful for the weather, we have had rain the last two years so the tournament was moved but thankfully we managed three great days of golf,” he said.

A ROYAL AFFAIR: Feeling on top of the world after winning the final day of the Royals Golf Tournament are Rory Rooney from Royal Harare, middle, and Bob Shaw from RPAGC. Corrie Van Zyl, left, manager of RPAGC, congratulated both players Picture: LOUISE CARTER

“Thank you once again Port Alfred, you have excelled yourselves and made us feel most welcome,” he said. “Corrie makes it happen,” Aitken said.

The first day of the Royals was played at RPAGC in the better ball Stableford format and finishing on top were Oliver Alwar and Tom Tagg in first place with 49 points.

The second day, at Fish River Sun, was a real treat for the players who enjoyed the beautiful scenic environment and great weather.

Royal Johannesburg sponsored the day and saw Ted Brown and Lindsay Morrison win the round with 48 points.

“We had a great day at Fish River Sun. We don’t know what the future holds for the course, but it was a definite treat,” Aitken said.

FUN TIMES: Placing in third position of the final day of the Royals Golf Tournament are, Jonathan Narayadoo, left, and Dennis White Picture: LOUISE CARTER

“Congratulations Royal Johannesburg who brought the most players,” he said.

On the last day, golfers returned to RPAGC for the final effort to become king of the Royals. In the end the local players, perhaps with course knowledge, outplayed the visiting teams by 20 points against the runners-up.

Royal Johannesburg players, eager to reclaim the tournament win which they won in 2015, were disappointed that they came in second place, but admitted that they participate more for the fun, than the competition.

The final day’s top players were Rory Rooney and Bob Shaw with 47 points. “Each of our groups has certain characteristics and there was once personality that stood out,” said Aitken.

Royal Harare player Giles Dorward was identified as the man who entertained all with his lively charisma and funny antics.

Royal rumble at local golf courses this weekend

Griffiths said both courses were in good condition and that all had a lot of fun. “A special thanks to Royal Harare who brought ten players and travelled far for this event,” he said.


Royal Port Alfred Club’s march to victory


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