Zuma sets up state capture inquiry

 President Jacob Zuma has agreed to institute a judicial Commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture, writes Thabo Mokone.

Zuma announced this a short while ago while responding to oral questions in the National Assembly.

He says he will provide details in a few days.

ANC says no confidence motion will fail – secret ballot or not

“We have taken the decision to establish a judicial commission of inquiry…we are moving as fast as possible on this matter.”



  1. The current ANC leadership won’t lead us to the promised land. Wake up South Africans. The fact is the current system enriches the lucky few. Voters vote ANC hoping for a better life. People at Entokozweni village in Mthatha have been waiting for drinking water since 1994. I know they still vote for the ANC. Our system is exactly the same as the failed systems in other African countries. We attained freedom but the bottom line is still the same. Whites stole from Blacks. Now Blacks steal from Blacks.

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