Most comprehensive youth agricultural competition to come to Bathurst


TEAM SPIRIT: Part of the team responsible for organising the National Agricultural Youth Show that will take place at the Bathurst Showgrounds this October. From left are Bathurst Agricultural Society president Danny Wepener, new recruit Louise Hepburn and Chrissie Craddock Picture: ROB KNOWLES

HOLD onto your horses, your cattle and other livestock as the 15th National Agricultural Youth Show,  is planned to take place at the Bathurst Showgrounds from October 1 to 5 this year.

The Bathurst Agricultural Society (BAS) will be the principal event organisers.

“After all the work they [THE CHILDREN] put in, the competitors are here to win,” SAID bATHURST aGRICULTURAL sOCIETY PRESIDENT, dANNY wEPENER.

About 400 schoolchildren between the ages of seven and 18 from all nine provinces will compete in one of 15 categories that include cattle (beef and dairy), sheep (mutton and wool), goats (mutton, dairy and mohair), horses, pigs, poultry, pigeons (racing and fancy), rabbits, dairy products and culinary art.

The children will have chosen a category and have their own animal to show. Those who cannot transport their animals will have an appropriate animal provided as a substitute. These animals will be washed, cleaned, cared for and shown to the judges who will be on duty throughout the competition.

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