Kenton Marina in good hands with Vuyo

KENTON Marina’s recently appointed external facilities manager Vuyo Nyumka has received high praise for his work ethic and boating skills.

An experienced local fisherman Bob Shepherd, who has moored his boat at the Kenton Marina for over 20 years, said he was delighted to learn that Nyumka had been promoted.

BORN TO BE A BOATER: Kenton Marina external facilities manager Vuyo Nyumka showed a knack for boat handling early in his career

In his new position as external facilities manager, Nyumka is now responsible for all activities outside of the onsite shop and office. His responsibilities include caring for all vessels moored at the Marina. At peak periods this means over 100 boats.

He also manages all maintenance of the jetties and supervises the outhaul and launch of boats at the adjoining slipway.

Nyumka was born in Alexandria and completed his secondary education at Coselelani High School in Port Elizabeth.

“I first met Vuyo in 2007 when he joined the marina as a general support worker,” Shepherd said. “I was immediately impressed with his friendly demeanour and his desire to care for the boats moored at the marina.

“He showed a natural ability to do basic boat repairs as well as performing maintenance on the wooden moorings.”

In 2015 Nyumka was rewarded for his loyalty and strong work ethic when Ron and Colleen Crossland, the new owners of Kenton Marina, sponsored Nyumka to enrol for his skippers ticket.

“Vuyo passed all his tests at the first attempt and showed a natural flair for boat handling which puts many experienced skippers to shame!” Shepherd said.

Nyumka was now able to move boats around, travel the 20km upstream to the overnight cabin run from the marina and even tow back boats experiencing engine failures.

“I am somewhat embarrassed to confess that I had to call on Vuyo for help when I succeeded in getting stranded on a sandbank while collecting bait on an outgoing spring tide,” Shepherd said.

“When I spoke to Vuyo about his promotion he thought for a moment before telling me: ‘I am very happy with my new position and now I want to share my experience and to mentor the two young people that work for me.’

“With that kind of attitude, I can say quite confidently that Kenton Marina really is in good hands!” Shepherd said.

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