Dealing with the drug problem

IN next week’s Talk of the Town we will be discussing the drug problems in Port Alfred and surrounding areas as well as what measures need to be taken to minimise them.

ADDICTED: Drugs are a major problem in Port Alfred, and the Ward 10 War Room, together with Community Police Form, CPF, is looking at how to combat this scourge

The issue of drug addiction, specifically among the youth, was an important topic in the War Room meeting, held at the end of May with all War Rooms in Ndlambe, and was inked-in by all participants as an issue that all wards had to deal with.

“There is a drug problem in this area,” said Ward 10 War Room member, Nola Johannsen. “We are all aware of it, yet so few will even talk about it.”

George Galbraith, representing the Port Alfred Community Policing Forum (CPF), said he had spoken to the local cluster commander, Brigadier Morgan Govender, and had pointed out that some police were complicit in the non-arrest of known drug dealers, and that more had to be done in order to curb their use, especially among young people of the area.

Read more in next week’s Talk of the Town.

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