Talk of the Town team’s 67 minutes

Talk of the Town staff did a beach clean-up for 67 minutes for Mandela Day, starting at 12 noon today.

SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: Talk of the Town staff members, from left, Rob Knowles, Phumla Pase, Bryan Smith, Anneli Hanstein, Jon Houzet, Jessie Bohnen and Hayden Hanstein who participated in the beach clean-up from Kelly’s Beach to West Beach today

We started out at Kelly’s Beach and some of us worked our way across the beach and dunes while others checked the parking lots at Shelly Beach, Kelly’s Beach, halfway or middle beach and West Beach.

We came across even more rubbish than last year, from glass shards and bottles in the dunes facing the sea at Kelly’s Beach, to plastic cooldrink bottles, cans, polystyrene containers and even more glass bottles in the dune trough and along the paths leading from West Beach Drive to the beach.

There was evidence of some refuse originating from out of town, like a Romans Pizza box, which is not in Port Alfred. Some of the rubbish probably dates back to New Year’s Day.

We also found wadded tangles of discarded fishing line and plastic bags full of mussel shells.

Among the odd items we found in the dune vegetation were a rusty car oil filter, a discarded diving suit, a tekkie in fairly good condition and an empty box of Dr Long’s warming and cooling condoms, as well as several condom wrappers. We did not try to look for the condoms themselves.

The 67 minutes passed fairly quickly, but civic-minded people could probably pick up rubbish along the short stretch from Kelly’s to West Beach every day of the year.

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