Missing Peddie boy found after night long search

A seven year old child was found after he went missing during a hunting trip. Community members and SAPS searched through dense bush throughout the night.

” I can imagine the joy that is with the community. I can hear mothers ululating with tears of joy,” said the Provincial Commissioner of the Eastern Cape, Lt General Liziwe Ntshinga after the seven year old boy missing boy was found.

The boy was found in Mgwalana Admin Area, Nyeleni location in Peddie in thick bush.

At approximately 8pm last night, September 16, Peddie SAPS were alerted by a ward councilor that a boy child of seven years went out hunting and did not return to his home.

SAPS and community members immediately got together and started searching for the child. Women from the community braved the weather and sat on the mountain praying and anxiously waiting for news on the missing child.

The area is very dense and the terrain is dangerous and craggy, in order to search the area K9 search and rescue dog handlers from Cradock and East London were mobilised.

At 4am this morning the specialist handlers arrived with their four legged partners and began their search. One of the teams were assisted by the friend of the missing child who was with him when they went on their hunting expedition. They lost each other in the dense forest.

With this young guide in their company, the team was guided to where the children lost each other.

Initially the screams for help were faint but as they moved closer to the river the screams of help from the missing child grew louder.

The child was located by the team and a member of the community got into the chilly river and swam across to the cliff where the child was.

At this stage SAPS handlers got into the river and assisted in bringing the duo onto dry land.

“The community were remarkable and played a vital role right from the onset,” said Ntshinga.

Dense and tricky terrain

Before reporting to the SAPS, they tried looking for the child themselves and by 8pm when they could not find the child they alerted us,” said Lt Col Memani the Acting Station Commander of Peddie.

“It would have been very difficult if we did not get their assistance, especially the friend of the missing boy who helped tremendously. He showed us the place where they lost each other. We have once again urged the community to be alert and know the whereabouts of their children to prevent a re-occurrence of a similar incident!”

The boy is safely reunited with his family.

Enquiries Captain Mali Govender 0827797123

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