Fine wines at Hoppy’s Paddle Inn

When one wanders through Historic Wharf Street, indulge for a moment and follow a mystical alleyway through to Cafe Reset. Once inside the idyllic courtyard, follow your nose and discovers some of the beautiful wines available at Hoppy’s Paddle Inn wine bar, Port Alfred’s latest must see venue.

RELAX AND ENJOY:: Having a relaxing time of it at the opening of Hoppy’s Paddle Inn on Wharf Street last Friday evening were, from left, Derek Rowswell, with Jade Pauls and her mom, Mickey Pauls Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Last Friday evening, Hoppy’s Paddle Inn held its official opening with a wine tasting and hosted locals and visitors to their new range of boutique estates as well as regular market favourites.

VISITORS FROM ITALY: Attending the official opening of Hoppy’s Paddle Inn last Friday evening, from Tuscany, were Paolo, left, and Maddalena Fastelli who are holidaying in the Eastern Cape Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Wine lovers can look forward to regular wine tastings hosted by owner, Louise Hopkins at Hoppy’s Paddle Inn.

NEVER PUT A FOOT WRONG: Having a quiet tipple at the opening of Hoppy’s Paddle Inn on Friday evening were Billy and Les Futter Picture: ROB KNOWLES

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