WATCH: Cash-in-transit security use armoured van as a weapon

A cash-in-transit security team turned their armoured vehicle into a weapon by ramming it into the getaway car of fleeing armed robbers.

A video circulating on social media shows two armed robbers dragging a trolley with cash towards a getaway car in the street with at least two people inside.

As they pick up the money to load it into the car‚ the getaway car starts to drive away. The armoured vehicle drives up and rams into the back of the getaway car.

The two armed robbers are left stranded as the van pursues the getaway car. The getaway car drives off and the armoured van turns around to pick up the money. Moments later the getaway car drives up from behind and one can see one armed robber with a handgun before the video stops.

According to G4S Cash Solutions spokesperson Wendy Hardy the incident happened on Monday October 2.

One of their teams was doing a routine cash collection in Krugersdorp when a group of armed robbers struck.

One G4S employee was shot in the leg during the incident.

“He is now in a stable condition after being treated in hospital and both crew members involved are being supported with trauma counselling.”

Hardy said she has never seen footage like it.

“What I can say is that our crews do a good job in difficult circumstances every day to transport money around the country‚ which isn’t always on film or seen by the public.”

Hardy confirmed police are investigating the incident and encouraged anyone with more information to come forward.

By: Nico Gous – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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