Dogs protect man from leopard attack

SAPS EC:Grahamstown Cluster : 2017-10-14 

Since the month of August 2017 community members from the rural town of Ndwayana  near Peddie made several reports to the local SAPS members that they had seen a leopard in the area. Several other reports were received that the leopard had eaten their goats.

On Sunday 2017-10-08, a report was received that a local member of the community who was out looking for his goats was attacked by the leopard. He stated that he discovered that some of his goats had been attacked. According to the victim, he believes that the leopard had attacked the goats. 

The resident had sent his children to fetch a wheelbarrow to load the dead goats. While he was waiting for the children to return, he was attacked by the leopard, and his dogs managed to protect him and fought off the leopard. He sustained injuries. 

On Friday reports were received that the leopard was found in a cage by the Ndwayana community and they had killed it.

Enquiries Captain Mali Govender


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