Saved through grace

PASTOR Eldin Rudolph gave an impassioned lesson to the members of the Christian Men’s Association at its monthly morning breakfast last Saturday regarding the grace of God, through the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ and aligned with the pastor’s new book, A study of law versus grace.

ON FIRE: Pastor Eldin Rudolph, of the Port Alfred Celebration Centre, gave a lecture on God’s grace at the Christian Men’s Association breakfast on Saturday morning, giving a brief summary of the contents of his new book, ‘A study of law versus grace’, due for release shortly Picture: ROB KNOWLES

“Yes, I am a grace man,” Rudolph began. “Some of you might not agree, but I ask that you listen to what I am about to say and follow my logic, which is all explained in my new book,” said Rudolph.

“The only authority we should be following is what is written in the Bible, and I will prove to you now that we are all [Christians] saved by the grace of God, and that our sins have already been paid for, past, present and future through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God’s son. We do not need to ask for forgiveness, we are already forgiven, for so said our Lord God in his written word.

“If Jesus did not die for the sins of the world, then there would have been no point in his dying for us on the cross. The exceeding glory of God’s grace, there is enough for everyone.”

Rudolph explained that preachers traditionally exhorted people to be holy.

“But there is no one in the Bible who is holy [except Jesus]. Not even David was holy.

“But forgiveness is not the same as consequences. Of course, there are consequences if you do something wrong. If a young [unmarried] girl gets pregnant she will be forgiven [for fornication], but there is still a baby as a consequence of her sin. There are always consequences for the sins we commit.

“God wants to change your lives.”

Rudolph spoke of pastors who had not told the whole story of God’s forgiveness. In the old covenant with God, animals were sacrificed. But this was simply not enough, said Rudolph.

“God said that, whosoever believes in me shall have eternal life,” Rudolph reminded the assembly.

“It is not what you do that saves you, and you cannot get into heaven by your own works and deeds. God swore a covenant that He cannot break. The Bible says that the grace of God is freely given. God forgives all your sins. They are already forgiven. We must not be shackled by religion. You are not to be imprisoned by your faith. God’s word is a beam of light to illuminate your path,” said Rudolph.

Christians need to stop living in defeat, said Rudolph. “And the grace of God is for all.”



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