Any fool can be president: Malema

ANY FOOL? Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader; Julius Malema during a media conference regarding state capture on June 8

PRESIDENTS are just people who go around cutting ribbons and any “fool” can be one‚ including President Jacob Zuma.

This is according to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema who told the BBC that just like anyone else he could also be a president.

“I think I can be a president… presidents are just individuals who go around and cut ribbons. You ought to surrender yourself with the best team…I am not a PhD graduate‚ but my spokesperson is a PhD graduate. You need that. Any fool can be president. We have a stupid president. There’s the most stupid president in America‚” Malema said.

Speaking about the ANC elective conference in December‚ Malema said it will signal the end of the ruling party.

“[It] will serve as a burial for the ANC because for the first time you have many people contesting to be presidents of the ANC. You’ve got a situation where lower structures are engaged in physical fights before the conference. We are likely to see a conference that will collapse‚ that is going to be disputed. There is no debate on real issues…it is more about personalities.”

He said the party had reached a “cul de sac” which will see prominent people who have a “serious” following breaking away from the party.

“People are looking for an alternative home because that which used to be their home is disintegrating. The EFF represents a cogent alternative to the ANC. That is why the EFF enjoys the support of our people.”

He said if voted into power‚ the EFF would expropriate land without compensation and give it to people and make sure that it becomes productive.

“It [land] will be accompanied by necessary tools to work the land‚ financial skills. We’ll share the ownership of banks and the mining sector… We will put more money in education.”

– TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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