Murderer of teenaged girl asks for forgiveness and appeals his life sentences

FRANZISKA Blöchliger’s convicted killer Howard Oliver shuffled into Cape Town High Court in wrist and leg cuffs on Friday morning.

Oliver is serving two life sentences and an additional 15 years at the Drakenstein Maximum Security prison for the robbery, rape and murder of the Tokai teenager in March last year.

Oliver is now appealing his sentence on the basis that he co-operated with the court from the start and “didn’t waste the court’s time”.

Howard Oliver, who murdered and raped Tokai teenager Franziska Blöchliger File picture: Bertram Malgas

Oliver has also asked for forgiveness from Blöchliger’s parents for the rape and murder of their daughter in the bushes of Tokai Forest.

He explained that he robbed Blöchliger because he was desperate and had to support his family. He hopes that this will help reduce his sentence.

Oliver stated in his appeal that he “really didn’t mean to do all the things he did to the deceased” and that “he is really remorseful”.

Judge Kate Savage sentenced Oliver in June this year, stating Oliver’s actions were like that of a “wolf attack”.

Savage postponed the appeal to allow Oliver to consult with a lawyer.



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