WATCH: Alleged rapist trapped by residents

“HELP! Help us please!” The plea comes from a community worker on the Cape Flats where residents are essentially is holding an alleged rapist captive.

Roegshanda Pascoe‚ chairman of the Western Cape Safety Forum, said the man allegedly raped a seven-year-old girl on Friday in Tafelsig.

Residents spilled into the street and have crowded at this doorstep to ensure he cannot leave his house.

“The people have asked the police to arrest him but the police are refusing,” said Pascoe.

“The rape happened now!”

In the video a police officer is seen speaking to residents. But Pascoe said police have allegedly refused to take action.

Violence against children in Cape Town has become like an unbearable stench that will not go away.

In October TimesLIVE established that NGOs in the province put the number of child murders in Cape Town at 66.


Video: Joanie Fredericks


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