NSRI are urging extreme public caution around the coast today and over this coming week with the NEW MOON SPRING TIDE which peaks on Monday the 18th December.

NSRI are urging public awareness about Spring Tides to highlight safety around the coast and general safety to bathers, anglers, paddlers, sail boarders and boaters around the coast with the new moon Spring Tide now upon us beach bathers and shoreline anglers are most at risk.

Swim at beaches only where lifeguards are on duty and obey the safety instructions of the lifeguards and only swim within the safe swimming zones lifeguards mark (using their red and yellow flags).

Children should have responsible adult supervision around water.

Anglers fishing along the shoreline, particularly along rocks on the shoreline, are at greatest risk during the Spring Tide where incoming waves during the high tides engulf higher than normal over rocks.

Anglers should not turn their back to the sea and should be vigilant and cautious of the wave action at all times while fishing.

The next Spring Tide is the Full Moon Spring Tide on 02 January.

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