SEA RESCUE – NATIONAL – Saturday, 30th December. NSRI appeal to the public in the PINK RESCUE FLOATATION BUOY CAMPAIGN:

NSRI are appealing to the public to take ownership of the NSRI Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy Campaign.

New rescue buoy up at west beach sponsored by Multi Security. A big thanks must go out to Port Alfred NSRI. They have had no rest this season averaging nearly a call a day. But they were always there when they were needed. Thanks you Juan and to your whole team.

This campaign has so far been rolled out along the Southern Cape Coastline and parts of the Eastern Cape Coastline and which is intended to be rolled out across the whole of the coastline during 2018.

A Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy has already seen one successful life saved after a brave bystander rescued a teenager using a Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy positioned on a Wilderness Beach.

The Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy campaign (including a Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy, a sign with rescue instructions and emergency contact numbers and a pole planted in the ground) is part of an extensive National Drowning Prevention Campaign spearheaded by NSRI.

The campaign has seen growing success and buy-in by authorities and by the public and has been in the works for over a year.

The first Pink Rescue Floatation Buoys started to be delivered and deployed on beaches in the Southern Cape in November, 2017, and continues to be rolled out.

These floatation buoys are Pink, unique to NSRI, easily identifiable and easy to spot in the surf by responding rescue resources, said Andrew Ingram, Head of NSRI’s National Drowning Prevention Campaign.

No one should be in possession of a Pink Rescue Buoy. They should only be used to save a life and then returned to the pole on the beach.

NSRI cannot do this alone. We need public participation and public cooperation and we already have huge support from Communities, Municipalities, Lifesaving SA, City Councils, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Authorities around our coastline.

We are also receiving positive feedback from the International Community and tourism.

NSRI appeal to the public at large to take ownership of these life-saving devices and assist in their protection and be proud of their deployment.


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