Amanzi Challenge – Surfing for the top athletes

The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge is coming soon, and organisers are busy finalising entrants and ensuring the event’s smooth running by consulting with local law enforcement, municipal officials and the traffic department.

“We have a lot of big names from the surfing community who have expressed interest in this event. So far we have world champions who have committed to attending, and we will inform everyone of who will be surfing here when we have finalised the arrangements,” said head of surfing for Accelerate Sport, Ryan Payne.

“Accelerate will be managing the surfing event as well as looking after the logistics and setting up the competition site,” said Hannelie Schoeman, Accelerate Sports head of operations.

INSPECTING THE SITE: The team from the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge plus Accelerate Sports and the local municipal law enforcement officers inspected East Beach on Tuesday afternoon to work out logistics for the upcoming surfing event. From left are Hannelie Schoeman and Ryan Payne from Accelerate Sports, Willem Nel Ndlambe environmental officer, Sxeaks Nkwinti and Dave Lawson from RSAH Amazing Events and Fred Cannon, Ndlambe traffic officer Picture: ROB KNOWLES


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