Virtual flash flood experience in Port Alfred

RESIDENTS and commuters were taken by surprise at the amount of rain that fell over a short space of time in Port Alfred and surrounds this morning, with rivers of water running down suburban streets and pooling in low-lying areas with poor drainage.

Residents measured up to 60mm that fell in some areas.

The roadworks in progress on the R72 (Southwell Road) created further hazards when soil and rocks from the lanes under construction and the road reserves were loosened by the torrent and washed into private properties as well as down Southwell hill.

Motorists had to negotiate the gravel including some sizeable rocks strewn across the road and the muddy landslide toward the bottom of the Southwell bend, with one lane becoming impassable. Traffic authorities were notified and attended to the temporary stop and go. The road was eventually cleared of debris.

Among the other roads Talk of the Town came across which were affected by the mini-deluge were parts of Lambert Road, Smith Street, Biscay Road and the Heritage Mall, Campbell Street – where parked cars were partly submerged, West Street and the bottom of Park and Alfred roads where a large pool of water formed.

But the weather soon cleared and the sun came out, and the water subsided.

Flooding inside Pick n Pay and Heritage Mall during the mini-deluge that fell on March 2 2018.

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