Elegant grasshopper prevalent in Port Alfred

The elegant grasshopper, scientifc name Zonocerus Elegans, is very prevalent in the Port Alfred area at the moment.

POISONOUS PEST: The elegant grasshopper is prevalent in summer and at a 2018 high

The attractive insect can reach a length of around 5 cm. Juveniles are similar, but show more black, yellow and white.

Bright colouration indicates the insect may be poisonous and if squashed this insect emits a foul smelling odour.

It is considered a pest by farmers as it attacks various crops.

Fortunately, these grasshoppers are not good flyers.

They may be more visible due to the summer mating season, but the number of elegant grasshoppers seems to be at a 2018 high.

HIGHLY PREVALENT: Mysterious spike in number of elegant grasshoppers Source: www.inaturalist.org

The species is found throughout most parts of South Africa and elsewhere around the world.



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