NO SIGNS OF TRAUMA: The trap, still on the puppy’s paw, had caused no trauma to the leg and led to veterinarian Leon de Bruyn considering an alternative cause of death picture: ROB KNOWLES

Poacher’s trap kills pet dog in suburban area

IT was at around 3am on Tuesday morning when Kristen Waters and Kim van Zyl found their 18-month-old dog, Peanut, behind the small complex in which they live off Beach Road, his front left paw caught in a metal gin trap.

“I was so upset,” said a visibly shaken Waters. “We searched for over an hour before we found him.”

Despite the gin trap being around the puppy’s left front paw, veterinarian Leon de Bruyn, to whom the puppy was taken, decided a post-mortem examination was required. De Bruyn called Talk of the Town on Tuesday evening to confirm the cause of death was a blow to the back of the dog’s head.

De Bruyn said that it appeared the dog had initially put its head in the trap which had closed and killed it.

“It looks as though someone removed the trap from the dog’s head and placed it around the front paw. As there are no signs that the dog struggled it was probably dead from the trap closing on its head,” he said.

Why someone would remove the trap from around its head and reposition it around the paw is unknown at this time. Police and the SPCA are still investigating the incident.

For the full story, read in conjunction with this week’s Talk of the Town.

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