Where to assemble – or avoid – during strike

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu)‚ its affiliates and allies in civil society will gather in urban centres on Wednesday to protest the national minimum wage and amendments to the labour law.

Saftu opposes the proposed R20 per hour national minimum wage‚ which it argues cannot be implemented in an unequal society like South Africa‚ where most workers are paid low wages. The union federation said it expected to bring industries to a standstill.

“Support is growing daily and we are confident that we shall bring South Africa to a standstill and fill the towns and villages with angry workers‚ employed and unemployed‚ member of all unions or none‚ who are demanding action to end the country’s crisis of unemployment‚ poverty and inequality‚” said Saftu spokesperson Patrick Craven.

Thousands are expected to march through the streets of major cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. Below is a link with all the assembly points across the country.

Source: TMG Digital.



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