‘Ramaphoria must not mislead us’ – Mcebisi Jonas

Former Deputy Finance Minister and current MTN board member Mcebisi Jonas has warned against the “Ramaphoria”‚ saying the ANC was still faced with a lot of challenges that have moved beyond just an “individual”.

Jonas was speaking at a breakfast meeting at the East London Golf Course on Monday‚ where ANC Ward 18 by-election councillor candidate Andrew Sokolich was introduced to residents.

Jonas said the country was still faced with a lot of youth unemployment‚ slow gross domestic product growth.

“The Ramaphoria must not mislead us and cloud us from the huge challenges that the ANC is still faced with. Taking a look at the figures comparing our GDP we are far behind as a country compared to other economies that are developing‚” he said.

In the last quarter‚ the GDP grew at only 3.1%. Speaking about the state capture‚ Jonas‚ who was among the first people to speak up against the notorious business family‚ the Guptas‚ he described it as a systematic structural challenge that was just “raw”.

He called on state security agencies to be effectively used to fight against corruption‚ instead of being used as political hit squads. “The country has enough legislation to fight corruption. The state security entities must be effective and be used for the sole purpose of fighting corruption and not political battles. Political battles must be fought politically. We must dismantle corruption from the private and public sector‚” he said.

By: Simthandile Ford – Daily Dispatch

Daily Dispatch https://www.dispatchlive.co.za/politics/2018-06-05-anc-faces-challenges-says-jonas/

Source: TMG Digital.

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