Breaking: Maddocks trial deferred to July

IN CUSTODY: Alleged murderer Tonny Donile in the dock at the Port Alfred Magistrate’s Court on a previous appearance

YET again the Maddocks family had to endure another day at court to finally get closure on the events leading to the death of Noel Maddocks at the home of his girlfriend, Pia Roser, on Alfred Road in August 2016.

Donile looked calm as he entered court, even managing a smile as he took his place in the dock. This time the EMS paramedic who first responded, the medical assistant from the pathology laboratory and the police officer who picked up murder accused Tonny Donile at the truck stop outside town were called to the stand.

After examination by Johan Claasens, who represents the State in this matter and cross-examination of witnesses by defence advocate Mark Botha, Donile was again remanded in custody by magistrate Louis Muller until the next, and final, court dates, set for July 26 and 27.

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