Roadworkers and pedestrian come to aid of burning beach buggy

A BEACH buggy driver was saved from harm after his vehicle caught fire at the corner of Becker Street and Southwell Road on Tuesday morning.

EAGER TO HELP: Workers at a stop-and-go and a sharp-eyed pedestrian alerted beach buggy owner Jerry Mccomb that his vehicle was on fire on Tuesday morning, and assisted in extinguishing the blaze. From left are Litha Ntonti, Nkunzi Dube and Mccomb Picture: TK MTIKI

Mccomb was driving in Becker Street at around 9.45am and was about to turn into Southwell Road to go fishing, when the unexpected fire occurred. A woman walking behind the beach buggy yelled repeatedly at Mccomb after noticing fire at the back of the vehicle.

Mccomb did not hear her at first over the noise of his beach buggy engine, but when a number of stop-and-go workers looked aghast at him he stopped the vehicle and was startled to see flames just behind his seat.

He immediately took out a fire extinguisher and sprayed the flames. Stop-and-go workers also ran towards him, some using their drinking water to douse the flames.

Dazed by the incident, Mccomb said: “I was lucky I had my fire extinguisher with me. Without the fire extinguisher we would not have been able to stop it.”

When asked about the cause of the fire, Mccomb said he thought petrol must have come out and leaked on a spark. The beach buggy itself did not have major damage since the fire was quickly extinguished. Mccomb escaped any injury.

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