Indoor pool gets warmer water

AFTER a period of not operating at optimum functionality, the Port Alfred indoor pool has been fully renovated and turned into a must-visit swimming pool with water temperatures increased from their original 20 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius.

GENERATING WARMTH: Port Alfred indoor pool owner Sharon Lemmer with the new heat pump that has been installed at the pool, which will enable everyone to enjoy warm water temperatures

Sharon Lemmer, the owner of the swimming pool, highlighted various contributions from individuals who made it possible to buy a heat pump worth R78 000.

She said Denver Coleman from Poly Floor donated an amount of R5 000 while 10 aquarobics ladies paid an annual fee of R30 000 in advance.

Lemmer further mentioned that Anne Green spearheaded a key fundraising strategy which raised an amount of R10 000. From this strategy a container was put on the reception table where individuals poured in whatever amount of money they could contribute.

Even with this support, Lemmer paid the balance.

She also wholeheartedly thanked Brian Wright for his indirect financial contribution, for sourcing the pump and installing it for free.

“Everyone can come and enjoy hot water” said Lemmer.

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