President Cyril Ramaphosa has until Thursday to respond to #TheTotalShutdown demands

#TheTotalShutdown organisers have given President Cyril Ramaphosa until Thursday to respond to their demands.

Thousands of women took part in the #TotalShutdown march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday last week to protest against gender-based violence in South Africa.

Among their demands is that President Ramaphosa deliver a message on gender-based violence before or on Women’s Day on Thursday.

“Although we acknowledge that the Presidency has taken the necessary steps to address the demand for driving a multi-stakeholder process to host a National Gender Summit‚ stipulated in demand number one‚ we wish to further highlight that within that demand‚ whose deadline is fast approaching on August 9‚ the Presidency is yet to meet the following point: a strong message from the Office of the President that gender-based violence against women is pervasive and widespread‚ and that it cannot be tolerated at any level of society‚” they said.

The group also wants a commitment from the president that he will never appoint to cabinet‚ or to lead a state institution‚ any individual who has been implicated in or minimises the causes and consequences of gender-based violence against women.

The #TotalShutdown march came days before Rhodes University student Khensani Maseko committed suicide after she was allegedly raped in May.

Maseko will be buried in Johannesburg on Thursday. Activities in remembrance of her and to highlight issues around gender-based violence are planned for this week. – TimesLIVE

By: Nomahlubi Jordaan

Source: TMG Digital.

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