El Shaddai Christian Academy pupil wins TotT 5 000-litre Eco Tanks competition

WINNING for the school while participating as an individual, El Shaddai grade 10 pupil, Holly Naude, won more than she initially thought as a prize in the Talk of the Town 5,000-litre Eco Tanks competition.

WINNING FOR THE SCHOOL: El Shaddai Christian Academy grade 10 pupil, Holly Naude, proudly posed with her mother Leane after winning the Talk of the Town 5,000-litre Eco Tanks competition Picture: TK MTIKI

In conjunction with Eco Tanks, TotT offered free entry to the competition.

Naude received the tank with her mom on behalf of the school. Before the arrival of the tank proud teachers waited with the winner in the front office. Avoiding taking glory other teachers let Holly took a picture next to the Eco Tanks with her mom.

While winning the tank for the school brought smile to her face, Eco tank further surprised Naude with individual gifts such as Eco cap, Eco water bottle and Eco School bag, the extra individual gifts putting making her feel over the moon.

Naude wrote a concise 200-word essay on how her school was contributing to conservation and making a difference, and it was the practicality of her essay that had impressed the judges.

“My mom was very excited for me and my principal cried,” she said.

The winner stated that she was part of the recycling project at her school something that might have helped her win the competition. Talking the walk Holly added that her school pioneered a project that builds a playing ground. Furthermore, they use old material like car tyres with the mission of recycling.

Naude is also part of student representative council. Specifying their roles she said, “we are representing the school in many different aspects like fundraising and school events.”

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