ECOBRICKING Exchange is on mission for neat environment

Recognising the need for clean environment yet also developing entrepreneurs, EcoBrick Exchange co-founder, a Nelson Mandela University Masters graduate in architecture, Ian George Dommisse, was in Port Alfred from Cape Town to support the passionate eco-brickers in Port Alfred.

TABLING RECYCLING IDEAS: A progressive meeting organised by EcoBrick Exchange was held at The Penny Farthing Café to discuss possible of ways of recycling Picture: TK MTIKI

The meeting took place on Monday at the Penny Farthing Café and Bistro in Port Alfred.

Dommisse went on to state that the project’s focus is on developing small projects in schools.

For starters, Dommisse suggested that attendee representatives from different spheres first start by building a raised-bed vegetable garden. In creating the end product participants were advised to use recyclable materials like plastic bags and bottles.

Detailing the idea of using plastic bags, according to the discussion the eco-brickers will collect unused bags and fill bottles with them, tightly compacted. School children appeared to be a target audience to help collect plastic bags.

With EcoBrick Exchange Dommise said they developed a range of training personnel, up-skilling them to run their own enterprise. He further added that the aim was to create entrepreneurs.

Although those in attendance were from different spheres of business, Dommise encouraged participants to work as a collective team. The team is yet to meet and discuss a way forward, to acquire land to store their materials and product, and resolve any other areas of concern.

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