Driving recklessly

There have been a number of accidents and near-accidents on the R72 through town since roadworks began over two years ago. Some are due to carelessness, wet weather or the casual manner by which some STOP/GOs are controlled.

It is up to drivers themselves to take cognisance of there being no road markings while the road remains under construction and to exercise caution when descending of ascending the hills on either side of the river, as these are particularly dangerous.

However, driving along Albany Road on Friday, the driver of the car on the right-hand side of the picture decided to take a chance and overtake using the oncoming lane while on a blind corner. He or she drove like this all the way down the hill.

DRIVERS BEWARE: It may no be your fault if you’re in an accident but rather someone driving recklessly, such as the driver in the car on the right-hand side Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Fortunately, no cars were approaching from the opposite direction.

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