Dagga ruling hailed by cannabis dispensary

“Africa’s first medicinal cannabis dispensary” is expecting to see more patients following the Constitutional Court’s ruling on dagga.

Holistic Relief Wellness and Pain Management Centre founder Krithi Thaver told TimesLIVE that decriminalising private dagga use would attract older patients.

“Because this ruling will now make headlines by tomorrow morning‚ people will want to start using it because it’s now legal. The older generation‚ who stayed away because it was illegal‚ will now want to try our products‚” Thaver said.

The centre has been operating in Durban since May and claims to have treated over 500 patients with medicinal cannabis products from the United States.

Thaver‚ who is also the founder of Canna Culture and chair of the KwaZulu-Natal branch of the Cannabis Development Council of SA‚ was at the Constitutional Court on Tuesday when the court overturned the ban on domestic cannabis consumption.

The unanimous judgment decriminalises adults smoking dagga at home and growing enough marijuana for personal consumption.

The highest court in the land said clearly marijuana was not allowed to be smoked publicly. Dealing is still illegal.

“We are super stoked. It has been a long journey for us. Now that cannabis is legalised‚ we can start the process of building up South Africa‚” Thaver said.

By: Nivashni Nair – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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