The municipality is experiencing water challenges in Port Alfred, due to Eskom power outrages.

This started about two months ago, but as from 20th September 2018 the situation became worse, the power cut-off affects our pump stations from the source to the balancing dam. When there is power failure there is no water getting to the balancing dam. Ever since this has happened water levels have dropped significantly from the balancing dam. This has resulted to people having no water.

Every time this happens the municipality calls Eskom to come and resolve the problem, but they give us a waiting period. While we are waiting the water is being drawn from the balancing dam. We therefore urge the community and the residents to adhere to water restrictions and use water sparingly. We understand the situation is not a very good one for all of us.

The situation currently is that we are waiting for Eskom since yesterday.

The balancing dam is at its lowest  at the moment – that warries everybody

Once Eskom has re-instated power,  we will  put the following measures in place:

  1. Alternative pumping on Alfred and Smith Street pumps
  2. Monitoring of reservoir levels
  3. Re-instating of water restrictions
  4. Walking the line for any type of leak, seeing that the vandalism is very high
  5. Process controllers to monitor [and] frequently adjust pumping periods to different townships
  6. Repair booster pump
  7. Frequently pumping from central belt boreholes


Cecil Mbolekwa

Senior Communications Officer

Ndlambe Municipality


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