Good news! It’s about to get to hot again in Mzansi

The cold front experienced across much of the country this week has left South African shores‚ and temperatures are expected to rise from Friday.

South African Weather Services forecaster Dipuo Tawana says South Africa will start experiencing sunny conditions in most parts of the country from October 6 2018 onward
Image: vapi / 123RF Stock Photo

“The cold front has exited the country. What we are experiencing now is just cold air‚” said South African Weather Service forecaster Dipuo Tawana.

She said snow was seen in KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho early on Thursday morning‚ but most had melted by midmorning.

“From Friday‚ we will be seeing sunny conditions in most parts of the country. It will start warming up in Johannesburg on Saturday. We will see fine conditions in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday and the temperatures will rise from Saturday‚” she said.

Tawana said no rain was expected in Johannesburg for the next five days.

Cape Town and Port Elizabeth will also be warm from Friday‚ with temperatures expected to reach 25 and 26 degrees on Saturday.


Source: TMG Digital

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