Roads mess-up

State of the roads in Port Alfred

Service roads alongside the R72 have been virtually destroyed due to the heavy machinery used in the ongoing roadworks project, and residents are angry about not being able to access their homes without great difficulty.

UNPASSABLE: A photograph of Biscay Road after rain shows the state of the road surface which is a nightmare for residents of the street as well as people driving into town from the river side Picture: JONATHAN WALKER
UNDRIVABLE: Service roads alongside the R72, currently under construction, have been severely damaged by the amount of heavy traffic they have endured during the R72 upgrade project. This is the service road off Southwell Road, which is badly affected and is causing problems for residents of the adjacent houses Picture: JONATHAN WALKER

Sanral, who own the national roads throughout the country, decided some time back that the R72 between the Great Fish River and Alexandria required an upgrade, and appointed Murray and Roberts as main contractor on the project. Gibb was appointed as consulting engineers. Work began toward the end of 2015 with the first part of the project being to relocate stormwater drains and service ducts and pipelines (for electricity, sewerage and telephone lines) to accommodate the widening of the road.

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