Housebreaking a major headache in SA

Housebreaking or burglary was a major problem in 2017/18‚ accounting for 54% of all household crimes surveyed in the latest Victims of Crime Survey.

he survey said 1.6 million individuals were victims of crime in 2017-18.
Image: 123RF/Manuel Faba Ortega

The survey‚ released on Thursday‚ is based on crime figures produced by Statistics South Africa‚ which are estimated from household surveys. It provides insight about the dynamics of crime from the perspective of households‚ and victims of crime.

It also explores public perceptions of police‚ prosecutors‚ the courts and correctional services in the prevention of crime and victimisation.

An estimated 832‚122 incidents of housebreaking occurred‚ according to the latest survey‚ compared to 776‚933 in the previous year.

There were an estimated 156‚089 incidents of home robbery‚ up from 151‚279 in the previous year.

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