Matric maths exam ‘has not been leaked’: education department

A mathematics question paper for the 2018 class of matrics has not been leaked‚ the basic education department says.

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In a rebuttal of a letter being circulated‚ with the heading “notice of illegal distribution of matric final examinations”‚ the department said this was entirely false.

“While the so-called circular has our logo‚ it has no address‚ contact details or the name of the author. It is clearly designed to cause confusion‚” the department said in a statement.

“We view this misleading communication in a very serious light‚ as it has the real potential of causing confusion and anxiety among our Grade 12 learners presently writing their examinations.

“We urge parents‚ teachers‚ learners‚ and department officials to ignore the fake letter and stay focused on the job at hand.”

The department said the first week of exams had proceeded well across the country.

“No question paper has leaked. No circular has been issued regarding any rewriting of any papers. We thank everybody for their contribution to the smooth first effective week of examinations.”

“The department of basic education together with all nine provinces are monitoring the examinations on a constant basis to ensure that all goes well.”


Source: TMG Digital

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