EC: Port Alfred Cluster: Alexandria 2018-11-09

Today a group entered a supermarket in Alexandria. Their movement among the isles raised suspicion and they were monitored. It was noted that the shelf containing the Jacobs Kronung and Nescafe Gold coffee was empty, and Nan Pelorgan milk powder was removed from the shelves. The ‘suspects’ walked out of the shop to a parked car. One of the employees tried to stop them, but they ignored him and got into the car and drove off.

The vehicle was followed by the owner who chased them and managed to have the vehicle stopped before reaching Port Alfred.

On searching the vehicle, 5 Jacobs Kronung Coffee, 2 Nescafe Gold coffee and 2 cans of Nan milk formula was found.

There was also plastic bags from different chain stores, including Mr Price, Street Fever and Sheetstreet, as well as branded security tape from Mr Price which is normally used to seal packages at chain stores when clients enter with packages.

Four suspects – a male and three females, between the ages of 30 and 42, have been arrested on a charge of shoplifting and will appear in the Alexandria Magistrates court on Monday.

Enquiries Captain Mali Govender 0827797123

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