Movement aims to help the youth of Ndlambe

The #Kwanele movement, which means “enough”, had an official launch at Jauka Hall on Tuesday, with young people braving the cold, wet weather and came to listen what the movement had to offer them as it is aimed to help them in the near future.

ATTENTIVELY LISTENING: Young people of Ndlambe gathered in Jauka Hall Tuesday evening for the launch of #Kwanele which means enough to hear for themselves what the movement has to offer Picture: TK Mtiki

The idea of the movement was to provide young people – both unemployed and employed – with a forum to express their dissatisfaction with how things are run by the municipality.

It was also stated in the meeting that it is not a political party, but a movement that anyone can, whatever party they belong to.

EFF member Xolisa Runeli, who is also part of the movement, said the young people of Ndalmbe need to be heard, and they feel that municipal officials are not held accountable for a lot of things.

“The aim of this movement is to save the municipality from the direction it’s going; we feel that the municipality does not have a plan in place to uplift the youth. Their developments are not in line with the National Development Plan and Constitution,” Runeli said.

“We want this movement to expand across Ndlambe. We will appoint an interim committee that will go to various places, and we will also take mandate from the young people and present it to our municipality.”

Another thing mentioned was that the officials that are appointed within the community to represent the people were not doing a very pleasing job for the youth, and the youth feel that they not represented enough.

Convenor Zolani Njibana, an urban engineering technologist registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa, said that the youth is sidelined by the municipality.

“We are tired of developments that are not sustainable; they have no infrastructure plan in place, they don’t even have a youth policy. We feel that they do not have a plan in place to reduce unemployment. The municipality does not prioritise young people in their developments. They do not have long term vision for us young people; all they faced with is a financial crisis with not turnaround strategy,” Njibana said.

“They busy constructing roads with no stormwater plan. We saying enough as the young people of Ndlambe we want to be heard, we want to be represented, we want developments that are going to help us, we want to be employed. They are wasting money on unnecessary things. We want institutions that will help skill our young people,” he said.

Runeli added that they saying “enough is enough”. They want the municipality to invest more in young people, because they are the future.


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