Cape Town to send thousands of bottles of alcohol down the drain

It seems some Cape Town residents found a substitute to quench their thirst when the city battled a water crisis last year: boozing on beaches. But this did not go down well with authorities.

Cape Town authorities will send 16,926 bottles of confiscated booze down the drain.
Image: Fergusowen/123RF

City authorities will destroy 12,000 litres of alcohol – 16,926 bottles – on Thursday.

Councillor JP Smith, the mayoral committee member of safety and security and social services, said the liquor was confiscated from city beaches and other public spaces during the past financial year.

“The disposal is part of the city’s operational readiness plan for the festive season, which takes place every November,” said Smith.

“The alcohol needs to be disposed of to make way for the expected confiscations that are likely to consume much of the festive season policing effort.”

Smith is set to reveal the city’s preparedness for the festive season policing on Thursday.


Source: TMG Digital

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