Stop control not up to scratch


AIN’T NO STOPPING ME NOW: Whoever was at fault, a driver was almost involved in an accident at the Marina turnoff on Saturday morning Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Sitting at the stop sign at the Marina entrance to the R72 on Saturday morning, this car came driving passed and turned left, directly into a stream of traffic coming from the Nico Malan Bridge.

Fortunately, the worker controlling the traffic shouted loudly enough so that the driver heard him and stopped, but only just in time, as the traffic that had waited patiently at the bridge began it’s run-up to enable it to power up the hill on Albany Road.

Now, whether it was because the driver was just not being observant, or whether it was because the traffic controller was busy typing and reading messages on the two smartphones he was holding, is a matter of conjecture. However, it does serve to remind us that we must be very vigilant at these stop/go’s, both drivers and those controlling traffic, or we are going to have some serious accidents leading up to Christmas.

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