Don’t worry, be happy

Elize Ellis, a PhD educationalist, Life coach and health guru presented a wellness talk at MyPond Hotel on Friday evening Picture: ROB KNOWLES

The words of the Bobby McFerrin song were the message at Friday evening’s wellness talk at MyPond Hotel with life coach and educationalist Elize Ellis who explained how our language can affect or mood and ultimately lead to illness.

“Our brains don’t hear negatives, so when we say “I can’t get to sleep” the brain agrees and you feel more tired. And, tThe more tired you feel the more you tell yourself that you can’t get to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle,” she told the audience.

Ellis also explained how, through experimentation,  Masaru Emoto conjectured that water crystals (ice) were affected by the words being spoken or the type of music being played at the time of crystallisation. Crystals formed with positive words, or even prayer, were symmetrical and intricate whereas those subjected to harsh language or negativity were distorted, irregular and non-symmetrical.

“Since our bodies are made up of 60% water, our words can directly affect our health,” she said.

Proceeds from the talk were donated to the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen.

For more on Ellis’ talk, so next week’s Talk of the Town.

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