Robbers steal pension money from Post Office

Robbers made off with pension money at the Post Office in Kenton-on-Sea this morning, leaving a postal clerk tied up in a back room.

Kenton resident Gail Whitnall was a witness who called Talk of the Town with the information she had, not realising that two men she saw in Post Office uniforms were actually the robbers.

It is not yet confirmed how much money was stolen, but a source told TotT it was about R300 000.

Whitnall said she had gone to the Post Office at about 11am to pay an account, and found it full of grant recipients including pensioners wanting to draw their grants.

“I couldn’t even see behind the counter. It was packed full of pensioners,” she said.

Not wanting to stand in a long queue, she tried the Ndlambe municipal office in Kenton, but was told she could not use her bank card to pay her account there.

She returned to the Post Office.

“The first time I went there I saw two Post Office workers in uniform walking out, but I didn’t think much of it,” she said.

After waiting for a while and seeing no staff coming to serve people, Whitnall began knocking on an office door. There was no response and it was locked so she knocked on another.

“I could hear someone crying in a back room,” she said. “I saw a young woman tied up – her hands and feet tied with cables ties. I phoned Hi-Tec and they sent one armed response guy. I told him, ‘Get hold of Jan Nel’ – the chap in charge of Hi-Tec. Jan came there.”

Whitnall said Hi-Tec freed the young woman who was tied up.

“She was quite shaken, I’m also shaken,” she said.

TotT has asked provincial SAPS spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender for a report. We have not received one yet.

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