True heroes are made of hard work and integrity


Written by his son, CRAIG HOLMES

The above words by Hope Solo sum up our dad perfectly. Heroes are not loud, verbose or imposing. True heroes go about their business with a quiet intensity. Their actions shout loudly while they, themselves, speak little. As a family, we are immensely proud of the impression that my dad has made on those that knew him in Port Alfred. We are proud but not surprised.

Our mom and dad retired to Port Alfred in 2008, their dreams fulfilled, though our dad’s legacy started long before coming to Port Alfred. The legacy we honour most is that of a father and husband – provider, teacher by example, mentor and guardian, all of which he did quietly and without fuss, fanfare or a waste of words.

He was no different in his professional life. He spent nearly 35 years in the insurance industry, working for Liberty Life. I know, through my experience in the same industry, that he left an indelible mark on those with whom he worked. All respected him and all respected his integrity.

His time in Port Alfred was characterised by service to the South African Airforce Association, his love of golf, his affection for his golfing buddies and by his devotion to his church and family.

Our dad lost and gained much in Port Alfred – both of which he bore without an inkling of self-pity or self-praise. He found sadness in the loss of our mom and later found happiness again in Helen. He found happiness in his grandchildren, children and his brother and sisters. He found happiness in service to others and in service to a greater cause. As a family, we too have now lost much in Port Alfred but what we have gained in respect of our dad’s legacy and his quiet impact on those that knew him far exceeds any loss.

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