The start of the school year

Talk of the Town visited several schools on Wednesday to speak to pupils, parents, teachers and principals at the various school around Port Alfred on the first day of the new academic year.

Here are a few photographs of the morning showing new and excited pupils as many enter school for the first time.

LEAVING THE KIDS BEHIND: Somewhat reluctantly fr some, and with a sigh of relief from others, parents took their children to Mtyobo Primary School in Nemato last Wednesday Picture: ROB KNOWLES
FIRST DAY: Nervousness mixed with excitement was the order of the day at Mtyobo Primary School last Wednesday as pupils began the 2019 academic year Picture: ROB KNOWLES
ON THE MOVE: Taking desks and chairs to their classrooms, Dambuza Primary School pupils posed for a photograph Picture: ROB KNOWLES
HAPPY TO BE THERE: Happy Hours pupils were keen to begin work last Wednesday when the pre-school opened Picture: ROB KNOWLES
LOVE FOR THE LITTLE ONES: Getting aclimatised to their new school-life on Wednesday were the Toddlers and Wobblers Picture: ROB KNOWLES


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