Municipality assures that water is safe for human consumption

Ndlambe municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa issued the following statement today:

“Due to high demand of water supply during the festive season, the municipality initiated a by-pass from the balancing dam in order to ensure rapid and sufficient water supply as from November 2018.

Subsequently the aeration process which allows for oxygen in the balancing dam to reduce bad odour in raw water was provisionally stopped. However, the final treated water is still suitable for human consumption. This is evident from the water test results which were taken during this period, these results can be made available on request and on our website.

The municipality is also aware that most of the dams in the Eastern Cape are also experiencing an annual algae bloom during this season, which could have also contributed to the odour. However, the municipality is in contact with various experts to alleviate these challenges.

The Ndlambe Municipality would like to assure our community members that the raw or final treated water is not contaminated with sewage and is safe for human consumption, the laboratory test results also bear testimony to this.”

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