Fail! The election campaigns that fell flat

With just a few months away from the 2019 general elections, SA political parties are pulling out all the stops to attract voters. 


When electioneering, politicians use the power of social media to interact with voters or do door-to-door campaigning.

When trying to score votes, politicians sometimes go overboard, stirring controversy and offending people in the process.

These are some of the election campaigns that simply failed to impress:

ANC’s #GrowSA

The ruling party made headlines following a video they posted on their Facebook page on Saturday, which features SA model Rethabile Lethoko.

The ruling party was criticised for sexism as some felt they were using Lethoko’s beauty and femininity to attract voters.

While others complained about the sexism part of it, others slammed the video saying it lacks substance as it does not tackle important social ill such as unemployment and poverty.

In the video, Lethoko who hails from Spruitview, can be heard saying that she sees the work of the ruling part in her neighbourhood: “The roads were bad but now its better. There’s even a park there now, which is great.”

DA’s “The ANC is killing SA” billboard

The official opposition party is no stranger to controversial election campaigns.

In January 2018, the DA launched its campaign #TheANCiskillingSA in the Johannesburg CBD while contesting for the 2019 general elections.

During the launch, DA leader Mmusi Maimane read out the names of the late Life Esidimeni psychiatric patients, victims who were killed in the Marikana massacre and the children who died after falling into pit toilets.

The party was heavily criticised for its insensitivity.

Donald Trump’s Republican election campaign

Donald Trump won the US presidential election in 2017 against Hilary Clinton. Trump is known for speaking his mind on race, immigration and gender issues, often offending people with his insensitive remarks.

Trump is well known for his intolerance of immigrants and has been talking about building the wall to keep them from entering the US.

In his 2018 mid-term election campaign, Trump did not hold back. He blamed the Democrats for the immigrants who “kill our people”.

Illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes shot and killed police officers in Northern Carlifonia in 2014.

For his campaign, Trump posted a short video from Bracamontes’s court appearance, saying he will “make America safe again”. He was accused of racism.


Source: TMG Digital

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