Sewage spill in Biscay road a health hazard

Several complaints were recently made by concerned residents to the municipality about ongoing sewage spills in Biscay road, fearing that if nothing is done soon to fix the problem then they might end up faced with a health problem.

AWFUL STENCH: Sewage blockages and spills are an ongoing problem in Biscay Road, this one a few weeks ago rising up behind the Nemato Spar building

In an exchange of e-mails revealed to Talk of the Town between a concerned resident and the municipality, it is said that the municipality has tried doing something about this and even hired high a pressure machine to assist to unblock the line.

“Currently, the municipality hired a high pressure machine from Port Elizabeth to assist to Unblock the line, but [it’s] still difficult,” infrastructural development deputy director Sipho Babama said.

“Currently the sewerage can run on the line but unfortunately the rods that were used to unblock the line could not come out. That means the line can still block due to that. The municipality is busy working on this. The main problem is the fat, which is suspected to come from the businesses around the area such as Spar.”

Infrastructural development director Noluthando Vithi said they have had number of blockages from the line connecting to Nemato Spar and their investigation revealed that it was due to fat.

“We requested that fat traps be installed, however the challenge still persist[s]. It might be due to the small pipe size from Spar and the elevation connecting to our main line. As the municipality we suggest the following to rectify the current ongoing problem: To build and install a tank with the minimum of 12,000 litres, to build and install [a] conservancy tank 2m away from the building, to build two pumps – one will act as a standby,” Vithi said.

She continued: “To install and lay HDPE 110mm pipe plus-minus 50m to connect the pipe. The pipeline will be connected to the main hall in the bell mouth of Main Street/Southwell [Road]. Excavation digging to comply with 1,200 standard, compaction and clearing trench to be according to the municipal standard and all work will be done on municipal specification.”

It was also revealed that it was the responsibility of the land owner to obtain professional advice with regards to this manner, and once the professional advice has been obtained, the land owner is required to submit a detailed plan to the municipality to scrutinise and approve.

When TotT contacted Spar owner Lesley Theunissen she said that she had nothing to say about the situation.

“We have submitted our report to the municipality, and the issue is exactly the same as the water problem. No maintenance on the sewerage pipes and drains. Businesses including Nemato Spar can only assist to a certain extent but we cannot get blamed for their failures,” Theunissen said.


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