Half of SA has seen or experienced taxis breaking the law: IRR poll

About half of South Africans on average have seen or experienced taxis breaking the law.

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“The most common of these infringements was a driver breaking the rules of the road, which 74% of all respondents (70% of minibus users) said they [had] seen or experienced,” a poll released by the Institute for Race Relations (IRR) on Monday has found.

“43% of all respondents said they had witnessed or experienced a taxi driver offering a bribe to avoid a fine (47% of minibus taxi users); 44% said they had witnessed or experienced a taxi driver unable to produce a driver’s licence (47% of minibus taxi users) and 45% said they witnessed or experienced taxi-related violence (43% of minibus taxi users).”

The IRR commissioned Victory Research to conduct the polling, which was done between November 26 and December last year, with a “demographically representative” sample of South Africans over 18 years. The 1,237 respondents were asked about their taxi use, road safety, taxi safety, and taxi-related crime and violence “using a single-frame, random digit-dialling sampling design”.

“The sampling frame consists of every potential cell phone number in existence in SA, from which a probability sample is drawn. This approach ensures that every number stands an equal chance of being included in the study, which is the most basic condition that must be met for survey results to be generalisable to the population from which a sample is drawn,” the IRR said.

This poll was supplemented by “two fully demographically representative sub-samples” for KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng with sample sizes of 409 and 505.

Nationally more than four out five (82%) people used taxi services, including metered taxis and e-hailing services such as Uber or Lyft. Most taxi passengers were in Gauteng (23%) and KwaZulu-Natal (21%) and in townships (36%) and rural villages (34%).

Most passengers were neutral (46%) when it came road safety, while one in five (20%) felt it was “very unsafe” and 18% felt it was “very safe”.

“It is significant that three of the top-four biggest threats (with the exception of potholes) involve bad or illegal driving in some form or another.”

Most passengers earned between R2,000 and R7,999 a month (44%) or under R1,999 (30%) and unemployed and looking for a job (40%) or unemployed and not looking for a job (15%).

Most used taxis two to three times a week (25%), monthly (23%) or daily (21%) and the common prices for trips were R10-20 (31%), R20-50 (25%) or R50-100 (10%).


Source: TMG Digital

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