Hello SciFesters!

There is much excitement and events about to happen at Scifest this year, the largest and by far, the best and most creative, Science Fair of all Africa! Lots to see and lots to learn.

A new event this year will be the BBC visit to our science festival. Called “Crowd Science” The BBC team will be arriving from the UK and will be at the Olive Schreiner Hall from 18h30 to 19h30 on the 10th March.

Crowd Science is the show that takes listener questions about life, earth, and the universe and I assume includes the many other sciences but, more about this later.

The visiting BBC team are; Presenters Marnie Chesterton, and Anand Jagatia who will be joined by a theoretical physicist, Dr Adriana Marais a candidate for Mars One and sustainable energy expert Professor Sampson Mamphweli . The team hope to discuss everything from space travel to solar power.

Well SciFesters, we need to bombard the team with lots of questions so get your thinking caps on and reach for it!

What are your interests about space travel? Is it a reality?  To the moon we can get to but Mars is a mighty big problem and still far from being solved. Our sun, our star, gives us life and warmth and just about everything else we have and enjoy but, it is not always our friend!

What about matter and anti-matter, where does gold and diamonds originate from? Why was the launch of the spacecraft New Horizons to Pluto the fastest one todate? These are just a few examples of the ideas and questions we are sure you can think up to ask the team.

So, you SciFesters, from schools, colleges and universities and from public life, let us see if we can bamboozle the team with our sizzling original questions about science and technology and show them that we South Africans are well up in our research and knowledge of astronomy, algorithms, digital world, AI, robotics and all the rest!

Put it in your diary, March 10, Olive Schreiner hall, Monument 18h30. Be there with your questions. I am sure that you will enjoy.  Can’t miss this one!

Peter Grist

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