Legends strut their stuff at the Pineapple Cricket Tournament

HISTORY SHARED: After a great days play at the Pineapple Cricket Tournament MP and former tournament president, Ross Purdon, gave the Guest Speakers address at the 60s Club at the Port Alfred Country Club on Monday evening, allowing some of the older members of the various clubs in the area to share stories of past tournaments in which they were involved Picture: ROB KNOWLES 

Monday saw several of the older players competing for bragging rights at the Pineapple Cricket Tournament taking place all around the Ndlambe area.

At the Country Club, the Cheshire Cricket Club Seniors (from the UK) managed 126 in their allotted overs against the Pineapple Invitational XI but couldn’t help prevent their opponents passing that score with 127. At the Monday evenings celebrations at the Country Club captain for the Cheshire Seniors, Ian Brown thanked the organisers of the event for the invitation to play in this prestigious competition and presented a plaque to the club to show their appreciation.

At the event MP and former Pineapple Cricket president, Ross Purdon gave a talk where he invited several of the past players to reminisce on past events they were involved in, much to the delight of the older members who could also recall the stories as well as the younger members who learnt of the long and proud history of the tournament. Purdon also gave a history of the tournament, beginning with its establishment in 1904 and up to 1990, challenging the new president, Rob Nel, to continue the story from 1990 onwards.

As for other matches, Cuylerville (279/9) beat Port Alfred (160) at the PAHS A pitch by 119 runs. At the PAHS B pitch Southwell (209) beat Rhodes (134) by 75 runs.

Nova West Legends took on Kenrich East Legends at the Hospital fields on Monday and beat them, East Legends managing 193 and West Legends passing that total with 195 runs.

At Hilpert Early Birds (184 all out) were beaten by Cuylerville (185/3)  despite a heroic 103 from Early Birds’ batsman M Mkrakra. Cuylerville won by 7 wickets.

At the Air School Salem faced Station Hill. Ross Pittaway of Salem was again on top form as he whittled away the opposition with an incredible 8 wickets for just 60 runs, correctly picking up player of the day at the after-play party at the Country Club on Monday evening, the second time in three days he has earned that distinction. Station Hill only managed 144 against Salem’s stand of 240 runs. Salem winning by 96 runs.

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