Coastal ghost arrives to great support at Port Alfred’s West Beach

MOM AND SON: Coastal Ghost Walker Stefan Graunke, left and his mom, Valeria are travelling to beaches along the east coast of South Africa in a clean-up campaign to heighten awareness of the pollution of our oceans. They were greeted by a large contingent of business people and pupils from Port Alfred High School when they arrived at West BEach last Friday Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Walking along the sand, from Richards Bay to Port Nolloth, Stephan Graunke is cleaning up the beaches and would like people to join him and assist in making things a little better for everyone.

“My walk has not entirely inspired people yet and I often walk alone,” said Graunke.

However, this was not the case on Thursday when Graunke arrived at Port Alfred’s West Beach and was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd as well as over a 100 intermediate phase pupils of Port Alfred High School who assisted him to clean the sand of debris and refuse.

More on this story in Thursday’s Talk of the Town.

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